Mentored Scholarly Project

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UCI Medical Student Global Health Research Education and training (GHREAT)

Goal: To provide UCI medical students the orientation to topics including global health ethics and responsible conduct of research, cross-cultural competency and to develop insight and understanding of translational research through completion of a global health research project throughout the 4 years of medical school.

Scholar Program Essentials:


Year 1: Student teams are matched with a GHREAT faculty mentor. The student and mentor submit a project prospectus. Once institutional review board compliance is fulfilled the student begins the research project.  During the Summer of the first year the students collect data.

Year 2: The student and mentor meet semi-regularly to carry out the data analysis.

Year 3 (the clerkship year): The student and mentor continue to meet regularly, however, the student's time to work on the project may be limited due to clerkship activities.

Year 4: The student submits a final poster and thesis summarizing their SP. Each student presents the poster at the annual Student Research Symposium, where selected students also provide oral slide presentations. All theses are published in bound hard copies and posted online (link is external) for public access. 


Medical Student Time Commitment

Time commitment: 2-4hrs/wk (Aug-June), 40hrs/wk (Summer between first and second year: June-Aug)

During the first year, students have on average 4 hours of lecture per day. If it does not conflict with class schedules students should be able to attend weekly lab meetings. The summer between first and second year is the only summer “break” during medical school. Many students spend this time doing research or traveling broad doing service/research trips.

Time Commitment: 2-4hrs/wk (August-December)

Starting in January of the second year, students will begin preparing for their final exams and the USMLE Step1. Dedicated Step 1 study time begins the end of February and goes until they begin clinical rotations in end May. The best time for the oral presentation would be before the winter break.

Time Commitment: 2-4hrs/month

Availability will vary greatly depending on the clerkship students are on. Students have 6 weeks of vacation during the 3rd year (two weeks during the winter holiday). It is possible to use some of that vacation time as a research elective. Vacation may be spread out throughout the year or taken all together in consecutive blocks.

Time Commitment: 40hrs/wk for 4wks during dedicated research elective.

Students may take up to 4 weeks a dedicated research elective (4 weeks is the maximum amount of time students can do non clinical electives). The first half of 4th year is fairly busy (June-Jan), as students are studying for their USMLE Step 2 exams, doing sub-internship rotations (both at UCI and at other institutions). From November-January students will be on interviews. The bulk of time available for research will be from Feb-June of the 4th year, however many students are able to fit in 1-2 weeks during the fall either prior to or during interview season.

Mentor Expectations


The ICTS will provide administrative support to the students throughout the 4 year program. 



Application  (Process will be discussed in the Fundamentals of Research Elective)

The ICTS will provide administrative support to the students throughout the 4 year program. 

If you have any questions regarding the program or the application process please contact Diana Vigil (dvigil1@uci.edu)