Medical Student Research Program

Section 1

The Medical Student Research Program provides UCI medical students the opportunity to develop insight and understanding of translational biomedical research through completion of a mentored scholarly project.  To accomplish this goal the ICTS has developed three research tracks; Mentored Scholarly Projects (MSP), Immersion Experience, and  Global Health Research Education and Training (GHREAT). 

More information, including available mentors for each of these programs will be availabel soon.

   msp                    immersion          GHREAT

Mentored Sholarly Project              Immersion Experience        Global Health Reserach

In order to be eligible for Distinction in Research at graduation, all tracks of the program are required to:

-Complete the Research Elective  (more infomratoin about this coming soon!)

-Sign an Memorandum of Understanding with the ICTS 

-Complete a Scholarly Project (i.e. poster presentation or publication)

For more information about these programs please contact Diana Vigil (dvigil1@uci.edu).