Biomedical informatics is a critical CTSA function due to its enabling role in clinical and translational science (CTS). Since its founding, ICTS has placed informatics at the forefront of its research and results translation endeavors. CBMI spearheads informatics work within ICTS and coordinates synergistic activities across the UCI campus. Its core mission is to provide and innovate informatics solutions to facilitate clinical research, accelerate results translation, and engender the transformation of hospitals and clinics into a learning health system, both locally and across CTSA Hubs.

The leadership team of CBMI consists of nationally renowned scholars in biomedical informatics and IT leaders at UCI Health, silos that are often difficult to connect. This purposeful organizational strategy has created a multidisciplinary group of key stakeholders that have a track record both in conducting cutting-edge scholarly work to advance CTS, and in providing state-of-the-art informatics support for research.

Over the past ten years, CBMI deployed a wide array of informatics applications to support CTS activities at ICTS. As of May 2018, our Honest Broker team has fulfilled over 1,000 research data requests, contributing to significant clinical and translational efforts, such as NIH’s All of Us Research Program.

What We Do

Our campus has an unusually rich set of informatics scholarship and robust integration with the health IT leaders in our hospital and clinics. As a consequence, the CBMI has built research, training, and service opportunities that include UCI resources in computational genomic analysis, human-computer interaction (HCI), natural language processing, machine learning, and computer game science.

UCI Health IT leaders are involved in UC BRAID’s UC Research Exchange (UC ReX) encompassing the 13-million-patient records in the UC system. To date, there have been 11,000 inquiries since September 2013.The recent implementation of a new EHR system at the UCI Medical Center permits us to embed user-friendly research informatics tools early in the EHR roll-out and provide training for our clinicians and clinician researchers at a critical stage.


In the past few years, we made significant investments in developing research capacity at the CBMI. Through this effort, we have built a strong presence in the biomedical informatics research community by conducting high-quality original research and publishing in high-impact venues. For example, in 2017 alone, we published over 20 research papers in Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA) and AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings. CBMI has also participated in large grants developing new translational informatics methods and infrastructure

Supported by the CBMI, UCI established an undergraduate minor program in health informatics in 2011. To date, the program has graduated nearly 500 students, who may seek life-long careers in biomedical informatics and become leaders of the field.

The Clinical Informatics Fellowship Program

Our two-year Clinical Informatics Fellowship program received ACGME accreditation in 2017, making UCI one of the 27 institutions that offer clinical informatics fellowship training. CBMI provides research seminars and research rotation opportunities for the fellows.


Contact Information

For more information in regard to informatics inquiries, please contact:

Kai Zheng, kai.zheng@uci.edu, (949) 824-6920 

Lisa Dahm, ldahm@uci.edu, (714) 456-5375