ICTS Affiliated Scholar Advancement Program

Section 1


This program will provide:

  • Research and Career Development Support: We will arrange meetings every 6 months with you, your mentors and members of the ICTS Training and Education Committee. These meetings give you an opportunity to present your research and career plans to an external committee that can provide feed back
  •  Grant Support: We will provide ad-hoc support, as necessary, for grant preparations 
  • Access to ICTS workshops and Luncheons

  • Opportunity to present research to peers in quarterly ICTS Luncheons 

(All scholars must have a mentor team to help support them in their research careers)

If you are interested in participating in ASAP, please submit an application to Marguerite Klumb.

Application includes:

  • NIH style Biosketch 
  • Research Statement (500 words max)
    • Describe research specific aims 
  • Career Objectives (500 words max)
    • Describe where you are in your career 
    • Career goals for the next 5 years 
  • Mentor Team (250 words max)
    • Describe each mentor, how they relate to your research topic
    • Describe how you plan to interact with your mentors