Dana Garfin

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Dana Garfin

Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing

Mentor: Adey Nyamathi



My program of research investigates how traumatic and stressful events, broadly defined, influence health across the lifespan. I have examined the epidemiology of trauma through a series of studies that examined how individuals respond to large-scale negative events including terrorist attacks (e.g., 9/11 terrorist attacks, 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, 2016 Orlando Nightclub shooting), natural disasters (e.g., Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, 2010 Chilean earthquake and tsunami, Super storm Sandy), and a public health crisis (e.g., 2014 Ebola outbreak). I have also collaborated on several studies involving community based interventions for individuals with high health disparities.  I am currently Principal Investigator of an NIH K01 award that uses a mixed-methods, biopsychosocial approach to test the efficacy of a mindfulness-based intervention to address PTSD in trauma-exposed, homeless women.