ICTS Promoted Events

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SEPT 2021



Physician Scientist and Clinical Investigator Enhancement Program: Lecture Four

Topic: Interdisciplinary Paths for Clinical Investigators with Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Presentations by: Dr. Alexandre Chan, PharmD, MPH, Professor and Founding Chair of the Department of Clinical Pharmacy Practice. Research interests include supportive care, cancer survivorship, biomarkers, pharmacogenomics, oncology pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, drug-related problems, pharmacist and pharmacist-care activities. Dr. Weian Zhao, Ph.D., senior Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Research interests include stem cell therapy, diagnostics, biosensors, nano- and microtechnology, and aptamers. His research aims to understand and ultimately control the fate of the transplanted stem cells in the body, which will lead to effective and safe clinical medicine.

SEPT 2021



UC Drug Discovery Consortium 4th Annual Symposium

The symposium will be hosted by UC Irvine this year as a hybrid in-person/virtual even. Luminaries in drug discovery and development from across the University of California campuses as well as from industry will be included in this full-day event.

SEPT 2021



Lab-Grown Brains: New Models to Study Neurological Disorders

Join us for this virtual lecture as our speakers, Momoko Watanabe, PhD and Claire Henchcliffe, MD, DPhil, provide an opportunity to learn more about stem cells, including current research, therapies, and the future of regenerative medicine.

JUNE - AUG 2021

Columbia SHARP Training: Skills for Health and Research Professionals

Registration is now open for 18 hands-on summer boot camps designed for health and research professionals from any organization and all career stages! Learn immediate take-away skills directly from the experts over 2-3 days this summer through live-stream, virtual trainings. Scholarships (first deadline coming up 3/15) and early-bird rates are available, and capacity is limited.

AUG 2021



2021 CNLM Summer Seminar Series: Lulu Y. Chen, PhD

Speaker: Lulu Y. Chen, PhD, Assistant Professor, Anatomy and Neurobiology, School of Medicine
Topic: Role of Neurexin 2 in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Epilepsy

AUG 2021



Knowing what is OK: Recruiting participants for clinical research at UCI

Part I: Recruiting through UCIMC
Join us for this virtual lecture featuring, Kai Zheng, PhD, Christine Hui, MPH, and Mary Alexander, CHRC, CHPC, CIP.

AUG 2021



2021 CNLM Summer Seminar Series: Jodi Quas, PhD

The 2021 CNLM Summer Seminar Series is hosted by the Irvine Summer Institute in Neuroscience, a Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program funded by the National Science Foundation and Department of Defense. The program is directed by Dr. Luis Colon-Perez and Manuella Oliveira Yassa and provides an intensive research training and professional development experience for undergraduates interested in interdisciplinary neuroscience research.

JULY 2021



Community Health Research Exchange Workshop

Topic: PrisonPandemic & COVID-19 among Vietnamese-American Cancer Patients and Survivors
Speakers: Gabe Rosales, Naomi Sugie, Valerie Pham, and Becky Nguyen

JUNE 2021



UCI MINDcast: Ask the Doc

Join UCI MIND Director Joshua Grill, PhD and Neurologist Gaby Thai, MD for live Q&A this Thursday, June 24 @ 12:00 PM PT.

JUNE 2021



UCI Brain Dialogue Series: 4C the Future

In this panel, Drs. Linda Palmer, Bryan Reynolds, and S. Ama Wray will discuss their perspectives on creativity, imagination, insight, and the characteristics of genius. Our panelists will explore the nature and origin of the creative process, the psychology and neuroscience of creativity, and will discuss the environmental elements and cultural domains of creativity.

JUNE 2021



The Human Breast Cell Atlas: Curing Breast Cancer One Cell at a Time

Join us on June 8 for this virtual lecture as our speakers, Devon Lawson, PhD and Kai Kessenbrock, PhD, provide an opportunity to learn more about stem cells, including current research, therapies, and the future of regenerative medicine.