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ICTS Events

APR 2020



Building an “A” Team: Elevate your research team’s effectiveness through virtual collaboration

This is online an interactive workshop in which teams will gain insight into team science initiation, operations, and evaluation. The workshop will be led the by the Team Scholarship Accelerator Lab, facilitated by team science and virtual collaboration experts Maritza Salazar Campo, PhD and Gary Olson, PhD.

APR 2020



Request for Proposal: Anthem and Danaher Track Award

The Anthem and Danaher Track Award is a special track of the POP Grants program sponsored by Anthem, Inc. and Danaher Corporation. The Anthem and Danaher Track Award looks to fund up to four projects in this funding cycle. Researchers working on programs that are relevant to, but not presently focused on, the maternal health care or the post-acute cardiac prevention and care topics listed below are encouraged to apply.

APR 2020



Meet with National Cancer Institute Online & Learn about Translational Funding Opportunities!

NCI SBIR Program Director Kory Hallett will be presenting funding opportunities and other commercialization resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses. This presentation is appropriate for both established small businesses and researchers interested in translating technologies to patients and/or marketplace.



2020 Pathways to Cures: Translational Science Research Day

Join the UC Irvine community in the annual celebration of clinical and translational science. The annual “Pathways to Cures: Translational Science Research Day” at UC Irvine brings together students, faculty, staff, and community partners in a day of workshops, research posters, presentations, and opportunities to exchange ideas. Come see UC Irvine’s impact on translation research!


Dates Vary

2018-2019 Stem Cell Community Lecture Series

NOV 2019



Drug Development Boot Camp

OCT 2019



UCI Interdisciplinary Research Showcase and Workshop

OCT 2019



Spit Camp II

Spit Camp II takes your knowledge of salivary bioscience data and analytic methods to the next level. Using an open forum environment, lectures, and carefully constructed hands-on guidance, you will learn both basic and advanced strategies for statistical modeling that are tailored to salivary biomeasure data and your specific research questions.

OCT 2019



Biostatistics for Biomedical Research Web Course

The course is intended primarily for those doing research (especially biomedical research) but also for consumers of biomedical research who sometimes work with statisticians, to help those consumers understand study design and interpret results of statistical analysis. Statisticians may also enjoy the course and entering into the live discussion on YouTube.

OCT 2019



Conte Center @ UCI Seminar

Topic: Balancing Brain Plasticity/Stability
Speaker: Takao Hensch, PhD; Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Professor of Neurology, Harvard University

SEP 2019



UCI School of Medicine Presents: MSTP 35th Annual Distinguished Lecture Series

Topic: MSCs are not stem cells (they are better)
Speaker: Arnold Caplan, PhD; Professor and Director, Skeletal Research Center, Case Western Reserve University